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Profound Change Management

Make mission critical changes to your company in a sustainable way

MYPS Interim Managers are specialists in change management. They enhance your team’s engagement and reduce the resistance when implementing
radical changes, resulting in faster and sustainable results.

Change management at MYPS

Changes that are perceived as a deterioration are immediately rejected. This is resistance. Resistance slows down
the results, reduces the quality, creates demotivation. It jeopardizes the proper functioning of the organisation.
Interim management at MYPS is therefore consciously intertwined with change management. That’s key to
sustainable efficiency.

How do I make it clear to my team that change is

Keep your employees engaged!

A healthy organization is a transparent environment in which employees can function optimally and
feel involved, even when there are strategic changes about to happen. Employees who do not accept
change can hinder the proper functioning of your organization:

  • Long learning curves
  • Distrust
  • Demotivation
  • Reduced productivity
  • Dismissal



How do I build engagement and trust?


Care about your employees

Show appreciation for good performance


Show appreciation for good performance


Provide assurance about the future

Listen and communicate appropriately


Listen and communicate appropriately


Make the most of the talent in your company

project management and operational management cannot exist without professional change management.
Structural or process-based changes that are not accepted by the entire team builds up resistance and is immediately

Experience the difference of professional change
management for the efficiency of your business