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MYPS – Make Your Project Stick

Professional interim management that lasts

MYPS specializes in thorough and sustainable interim management of projects, operations and change.

MYPS Interim Managers

Why do so many drastic projects fail in a business context? How do you change operational processes, but retain the support of the entire company? The key to a streamlined implementation, change or implementation of intrusive projects or processes – with a view to sustainable efficiency – lie in their complete, conscious acceptance throughout the organisation.


MYPS has both short and long-term high interim management profiles that achieve sustainable results. We draw on a rich experience project-based assignments and operational supply chain optimisations such as: reorganisations, upscaling, fusing, digitisation, … It is a temporary investment in expertise with a lasting impression, which takes account of corporate culture and development, commitment and involvement, which results in financial health and operational efficiency.

For which assignments can you ask for our expertise?

project management myps

Project Management

MYPS project managers design concrete, clear project plans to fulfil real needs within your company, and lead and guide you with full attention for the desired result.

operational management myps

Operational Management

MYPS places experienced operational managers with specific expertise to redesign certain processes in your supply chain or operations aiming at sustainable efficiency.

change management myps

Change Management

Interim Managers at MYPS specialize in change management. They increase the degree your team’s commitment and reduce the resistance to the transit of changes.

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